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TSS Metal Industry has an excellent strategic aspect

We are located in the central part of Serbia in
Kragujevac, the capitol of Shumadija region

Kragujevac is the main heavy industry centre of Serbia

Belgrade (the capitol of Serbia) is 120km away from us; we are close to Belgrade-Nish, the main Serbian highway

We are located 80km from US Steel factory

Train station is 700m away from us

Our factory is connected to the town and is located at the start of industrial zone of Kragujevac

Land area that belongs to our factory is 22 600m2

Factory floor space is 10 517m2

Our factory is 8-12m high and is equipped with 3.2 - 5 t cranes

We have storage racks of a very high capacity (1520 pallet places), each taking load of up to 1000kg

Our own electrical power station has a
capacity of 2000kw

We have a water cleaning station that is positioned right beside the river


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