About us

TSS Metal Industry is a new company, founded in late 2007. Our company was founded by investing mixed Serbian and Austrian funds. We are specialized in manufacturing and designing wide range of machines and steel constructions, specializing in stone crashing solutions. Beside project designs and production we also offer specialized services followed by high level of quality.

Our capabilities

TSS Metal Industry employs over 100 workers and has more than 10 000 m2 of factory and storage space. Aware of technology leap in all fields of industry, as well as of incoming times, we comprehended that having production segments as functional as possible, is of a crucial importance in manufacturing process – from the idea itself, through the project design towards the final product. Since the company was privatized we have been giving our best to improve and professionalize production process having in mind manufacturing as well as the informatics segment. Now, we are able to fulfill requirements of every client, designing the project and reaching the final make. Our team of designers will make sure that your ideas start living on paper, and our improved manufacturing process, will take you to the end product, in the shortest period of time.

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